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Opening up the. Dell XPS 15z.

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Yeah!!! It’s time to upgrade! Well, it’s really not that hard to install a new hard drive in most laptops. The picture below show’s you how hard it is. Just a phillips screw driver and you’re in.


But what I will be showing you, in pictures, is how to open up the Dell XPS 15z laptop. Now, this laptop is designed to compete with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (currently, Dell claims this laptop is thinner than the Air). For the most part, you will only need one phillips screw driver and that is it. The first picture that you see below is the eight screws on the bottom of laptop that need to be taken out before you can open the cover.


Before the back of the laptop can come off, there are two hidden screws on the left side of the laptop that are hidden behind the face plate where all of the ports are at. How do you get this face plate off? Well, very carefully you need to slide the screw driver to the back on the edge of the area where the SD card reader is and the face plate should be popped out. Here are the before and after pictures with the two screws circled.



Now once the last two screws are out of the side of the case, you can now put the laptop on it’s lid and gently pull from the back of the bottom of the case and it should separate from the rest of the laptop. Now, if you have the laptop on it’s lid and rotated so the USB ports are on the right hand side, the memory modules should look like this.


As you can see in the above picture, the black thing with the word DISK on it is the SSD that I put in the laptop to replace another drive. The last picture shows the 4 screws that you need to remove to get to that SSD (or hard drive) to replace it. The red square on the right side of the picture is the SATA connector that you need to make sure you don’t pull or bend. Once all 4 screws removed, just lift lightly up and then pull the connector on the right straight out of the drive and now you have removed the drive. There should be 4 more screws around the sides of the drive that need to be removed so that you can take the drive out of the case that holds it. When putting the new hard drive in the case, make sure that you align the new drive with the old drive so you don’t put the new drive in wrong. To put everything together again, just follow this post backwards and you should be able to put it back together.



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October 2, 2012 at 12:00 am

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